WWE Main Event 1/26/23

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WWE Main Event
WWE Main Event 1/26/23 – January 26, 2023 Full Show :-

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This week’s WWE Main Event was taped from the Heritage Bank Center in Cincinnati, OH. Dexter Lumis takes on Charlie Dempsey and Dana Brooke faces Zoey Stark! Also, we’ll get some action replay from last Monday’s episode of WWE RAW.

This is a rematch as Stark won the earlier match between the two. Lockup to start as they jockey for position and Dana gets the first takedown. Dana follows with a suplex for a one count. Dana throws forearms in the corner, but gets cut off with a knee. Zoey misses a right hand and Dana unloads with chops and forearms. Handstand into a knee drop to the ribs from Dana. Creative! Handspring elbow in the corner, but then Dana sets too early on a backdrop and gets pulled down by her hair. Stark gets the mount and throws down some forearms.

Stark gets a slam, but misses a kick which lets Dana get a roll-up for two. Dana throws some blows in the corner, but gets reversed into a whip to the corner. Stark pounds away and then hooks a chinlock. Dana fights her way out and gets a running clothesline. Bulldog counter from Dana, but a cartwheel splash catches knees. Stark dumps Dana with a release German Suplex that sends Dana head over heels onto her face. Stark misses a slingshot moonsault. Brooke comes off the top with a crossbody, but Stark rolls with her and gets a two count. Superkick from Stark and she looks to finish with the Z-360 but Dana is ready this time and counters with a roll-up for the pin at 4:41.

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