Impact Wrestling 8/24/23 – August 24th 2023

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Impact Wrestling

Watch Impact Wrestling 8/24/23 on August 24th 2023 Live stream Full show Online.

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Bey and Swann start by running around and countering each other. Bey lands a midsection kick followed by a dropkick. Ace comes in and traps Swann in a headlock. Swann works his way up and tags out. Sami assists Swann with a crossbody before hitting his own shoulder breaker and knee to the face. Swann kicks Bet on the outside before Ace kicks him from the apron. Sami follows and rakes Ace’s eye before nailing the Cactus Driver on the apron.

Bey kicks Sami before hitting a moonsault off the middle rope. After the break, Swann and Bey are in the ring. Bey lands a spinebuster, cover. ABC hits Click Click Boom on Swan, cover again. Bey lands a couple chest kicks. Bey finally kicks Ace in the head to get the tag out. Sami comes in with clotheslines to Bey. He hits the two for one DDT combo on ABC. Bey strikes Sami, but Sami counters with DVD, cover. Swann attempts a 450, but Bey evades.

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